Saturday, November 12, 2016

Winter is Coming - Tag from MyglitteryObession

 Hello World!
Kristy tagged me to do this tag, so here it is! These are some winter-related questions.

1. Is winter your Favourite season?
No, in fact it is probably my least favorite season by far. It's cold, and wet, and icy. Not to sound like a Grinch, but the other seasons have the benefit of not having those things.

2. Favourite winter sport?
To watch, it would have to be hockey, being Canadian and all, but to play would have to be skating, not that I do it often, but it is fun once in a while.

3. Favourite Winter beverage?

Hot Chocolate! I like Chai lattes, but that is more of a fall-winter thing, I tend to drink a lot more hot chocolate in the winter than other seasons.

4. New Year's or Christmas? (Or another Winter Holiday)
Christmas. New years is fun, but Christmas is better.

5. Best Christmas present as a kid?
Uhm. I have had a lot of great christmas presents. I think one of my favorites was my first coach purse that my dad bought me in black leather. It is still one of my go-tos. I wasn't a kid-kid more like 20, so I guess that doesn't really count. I guess as a little kid I enjoyed my dollhouse that Grandma and Grandpa made for me, but I do not remember actually receiving it, so probably a doll/barbie because I loved those as a kid, but I do not remember it!

6. Playing in the snow, or inside with tea and a book?
I like I would like playing in the snow if it were more abstract, like sleigh-riding, but actual snow is cold, and hard, and not that nice. Even snowball fights as a kid could be painful! And I never made a snow-house because I did not want it to cave in and kill me. Tea & reading. It's what I do.

7. Favourite Christmas movie?
I was thinking to myself that I should watch more Christmas movies this year, but my favorite Christmas movie is Charlie Brown's Christmas. It is a bit more religious that I am, but it is also has scenes that would never pass in a current movie (such as when all of Charlie Brown's friends point and laugh at him, but are not the "bad guys"). I also love The Grinch.

8. Worst thing about winter?
Cold. Wet. Icy. Never-ending. The days get dark SO quickly. It is hard to stay warm. Your clothes can get wet earlier in the day, and they take FOREVER to dry. Slippery. Everything is slow to walk to- due to the ice. Ugh.

9. Best winter-related scent?
Candy-cane or Christmas trees!

10. Favourite part of Winter fashion?
Scarfs! I have a lot! I just wore my les mis one, so I am already on the scarf train this year.

11. Turkey or Ham?
I only like ham cold, fun fact, so turkey!

12. Do you get dressed up for Christmas, or PJs all day?
We do PJs until like 4 when the extended family comes over, so we have to look a bit more put together, so we get dressed up.

13. Crank the heat or layer up your clothes?
Both! Blankets in every room! Woo!

14. When do you think it is acceptable to start decorating for Christmas?
The day after Remembrance Day. We shouldn't forget Remembrance Day in our rush to start Christmas stuff, I mean, it is an important holiday, so we shouldn't ignore it. Plus, it is November 11th, that still gives a lot of time for Christmasy stuff.

15. Tree- toppers: star or angel?
I like angels because I like to pick out the angels that have kind faces. I think if I got a tree, though, I would try out a star for something different, so I am not too attached.

Hope you are having a great day!